Local Attractions

There are some wonderful places to visit on our magical Isle. Here are a few that we personally recommend to make your holiday special.

The Aviation & Military museum
By focusing on people rather than events the museum has an unusually intimate and often moving atmosphere. Discover the amazing story of civil and military aviation in the Isle of Man and also find out about the Island and its people both at home and in the armed forces in wartime. Packed full of exhibits ranging from a single button to a full-size aeroplane, the museum has something of interest for everybody. There is also an excellent new World War I Exhibition to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

The museum is open at the weekends throughout the year and every day from late May to the end of September and is free entry.
Murrays Motorcycle museum at Santon
From his house at Santon Villa, just before the Fairy Bridge, Peter Murray invites visitors to view his extensive collection of motorbike and TT memorabilia as well as many other mechanical curiosities.
View all manner of motorcycles, from vintage to relatively modern, flat tankers to race machines, a variety of engines (some cut away for display purposes) and an absolutely incredible amount of historic motorcycle parts photographs and literature. Also available is plenty of friendly banter from Peter, as well as complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits!

Find it on the road that runs south from Douglas towards the Island’s Ronaldsway airport. Proceeds from the donations box go to the Joey Dunlop Foundation and the Hyperbaric Chamber in Douglas.
Milntown Estate
The Milntown House is open for house tours in season, and there are 15 acres of gardens and woodlands to explore. Throughout the gardens there are rhododendrons, magnolias, camellias which produce a dazzling display of blooms from early spring right through to summer. There is also a mill with mill pond and working water wheel, and a collection of vintage cars and motorcycles.

The Milntown Cafe is popular and has lovely views of the gardens. It is open most days serving Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, coffee and homemade cakes.
Motor museum at Jurby
Situated on the former RAF Jurby in the sunny north of the Isle of Man, the privately funded Isle of Man Motor Museum was purpose designed and houses over 500 vehicles in a large and eclectic collection of motors and related equipment. Great stories come with some of the cars, bikes, lorries and buses from years gone by, making it enjoyable and interesting even for a non enthusiast. Some gems including a P50, a manx charabanc, and a Japanese kindergarten bus.

It is an amazing place with a fantastic collection and run by passionate people who regularly put on weekend events for the general public.
Wildlife Park
There's something for everyone at Curragh's Wildlife Park, it is a wonderful place for kids and adults. There are a good variety of well cared for animals in spacious enclosures that recreate their natural habitat, with walk-through enclosures that offer the visitor a wide range of experiences with the animals; you can get quite close up.
There are picnic facilities and good cafe over looking the lake full of flamingo that does generous meals, and fantastic play areas for children and jungle gyms for the little ones, and in the summer, a mini railway ride. Surrounded by beautiful views of the hills, there are also lovely walks out into the marshes.

Only a couple of stops down the road from Silly Moos. Everyone has their favourite; penguins or
Laxey Wheel
The Great Laxey Wheel is a large waterwheel and amazing feat of Victorian engineering and part the Isle of Man's proud history. Climb the spiral stairs to the top of the wheel for some breathtaking views. There is also a Mines Trail; walk through a 40 meter mine shaft and have a glimpse of the working conditions the mines were in when it was operating. There are a number of walks to do around the wheel and it's possible to spend a good hour or two here looking around. Leave your car and take the electric tram to Laxey, which offers some fantastic coastal views!

With a NT/EN/SNH/CADW Heritage card you can get free entry and with a Manx National Heritage holiday pass you can get in all of the sites for free.
Mooragh Park, Ramsey
Mooragh Lake Park in Ramsey is popular with visitors and residents alike; great park for all the family. Only a short walk from Ramsey town centre and well worth a visit if you’re looking to stretch your legs.

It is a lovely park with picnic facilities and a great play area for children. There is 12 acre boating lake with boat hire - canoeing, kayaking or sailing, and a small water park for children. There is also crazy golf, tennis courts, a bowling green, BMX track. It has two cafes and toilet facilities for both able and disabled.
House of Manannan Museum
A very good museum with "living" exhibits set up to give you a real feel (and smell!) of how the island has evolved. It is set out in a way that leads you through the history without being boring.
From how the Vikings invaded the island to the maritime histories and fishing histories of locals. The Celtic roundhouse and replica Viking longboat and highlights. The museum is family oriented, lots to read and see - take your time & Manx history will flow around you.

With a NT/EN/SNH/CADW Heritage card you can get free entry and with a Manx National Heritage holiday pass you can get in all of the sites for free.
Peel Castle
Peel Castle stands on St Patrick's Isle and is connected to the town by a causeway. Originally constructed by Vikings. The castle is just beautiful and well worth a visit - the views are spectacular.
A lovely walk the outside (for free), spot the seals and visit the kiosk on Peel breakwater, or take a tour. The castle has a rich history, it is open air, dog friendly and the tour phones are great.
Make time to stroll through Peel, also known as Sunset City, have ice cream or kippers and visit the beach, stroll on the prom.

With a NT/EN/SNH/CADW Heritage card you can get free entry and with a Manx National Heritage holiday pass you can get in all of the sites for free.
Castletown Castle
This is a restored Medieval castle with an incredible history. It has informative local history displays that really do paint the picture of the history and life in and around the castle. Most rooms contain a description of what it used to be used for and some of them are set up with figurines and props to demonstrate. There are spiral stone stairs to explore and the views from the top are amazing. This is a must-see when you're on isle of man!

With a NT/EN/SNH/CADW Heritage card you can get free entry and with a Manx National Heritage holiday pass you can get in all of the sites for free.
Whale and Dolphin Watching
Did you know the Isle of Man is one of the best places in the British Isles to observe whales, dolphins and porpoises from the coastline? The most commonly seen cetaceans around the Isle of Man are the harbour porpoise, Risso’s dolphin, minke whale, bottlenose dolphin and common dolphin. They will often come in extremely close to shore and can be observed with the naked eye.  The Sound and Niarbyl have lovely cafes with superb views over the sea.

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch is keen to hear about sightings, so, if you are lucky enough to see any, report it via their website - it's quick and easy to do, and really helps with ongoing research.
Basking Shark spotting
Every summer, from mid May to mid August, the Isle of Man is a Basking Shark hotspot, having particularly high densities compared to elsewhere in the British Isles. Your best chance of spotting a basking shark is on a flat calm, sunny day - they can easily be seen from the shore – look out for their dark dorsal fins. Although they can be seen all round the island, the stretch from Peel on the West coast, down to the Calf of Man is where they can most reliably be found., especially from spots like Peel Castle, Niarbyl, Port Erin and the Sound.

Manx Basking Shark Watch is keen to hear about sightings, so, if you are lucky enough to see one, report it via their website - it's quick and easy to do, and really helps with ongoing research.
Port Cornaa Beach
Port Cornaa Beach is one of the lesser known beaches on the Island. It is pebbly within a small cove at the end of a valley. If you choose to visit you may well get this beach to yourself. There is a freshwater lagoon just alongside the beach which is fed by the Cornaa river and at high tide this often merges with the sea. From here you can also take a walk through the very pretty Ballaglass Glen which is a favourite for artists and photographers with it's waterfall, pool and sculpture.

To get to Cornaa Bay you’ll need to drive down the A2 to Glen Mona. From there turn off onto the Glen Mona Loop Road. Drive down and take a left onto Port Cornaa Road and follow it to the end (a long single track road). Parking is right on the beach.
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