Stargazers Welcome

The Isle of Man has long been known for having dark night skies, a valued attribute of the rural character and tranquillity of the Island. On a clear night the sky of the Isle of Man is simply stunning as many astronomical sights can be seen through the naked eye with even more seen through a telescope or binoculars. 

Silly Moos is part of the Stargazers Welcome Scheme, offering a range of additional facilities and services including drying areas to hang wet clothing overnight.

The UK Campaign for Dark Skies carried out an analysis of the best places in the British Isles for stargazing, factoring in both light pollution and cloud cover. Whilst cloud cover is an issue throughout the British Isles, the clarity of the sky and the almost total lack of light pollution make the Isle of Man unique. The Island is also ideally placed on occasions to see the magnificent sight of the Northern Lights.

Stargazing Sites - Island Guide
With 26 amazing official dark sky sites dotted around the Island, heading out stargazing is the perfect night time activity for the whole family.